Tucson Trolley Tours
Meet Your Tucson Trolley Tours Local Guides
Meet Your Tucson Trolley Tours Local Guides

Tom Heath

Tom’s lived in Tucson for 25 years and had no idea how special of place it truly is… until he found a museum in the middle of downtown that shoots a canon off on Saturdays.  That discovery launched an unending quest to know more.  He hosts a radio show every Sunday called “Life Along the Streetcar”- focused on the past, present, and future of Tucson’s urban core.

Tom’s day job is helping local Tucsonans buy the homes of their dreams. Learn More about Tom Heath at TheHeathTeam.com

Darren Jones

Darren is from the east coast, born on the coast of North Carolina and lived along the eastern seaboard. After 25 years in New Hampshire, it was time to get out of the cold and move to Arizona. He has embraced the southwest in Tucson for the past 16 years. Darren is a big gardener, history buff, foodie and scuba diver. Darren enjoys traveling/exploring and visiting the cultures of other countries people.
Favorite saying: Let the world be your oyster.

Darren is also an experienced REALTOR in Tucson, learn all about his passion for real estate at SeeTucsonHomes.com

Tony Ray Baker - Licensed REALTOR in Arizona with Tierra Antigua Realty

Tony Ray Baker

Tony Ray has a passion for Tucson and everything it offers.  So much so that he has thrust himself into the role of ambassador of Tucson which dovetailed into his second passion, real estate.

His family arrived in Tucson from Elmhurst, Illinois, in the early 60’s and never looked back.  As a REALTOR® and webmaster, Tony has helped thousands of people realize the magic of Tucson, also.

Tony Ray only appears to be a mild-mannered tour guide, in reality he’s a Rock-Star Real Estate Agent. Uncover his true identity at SeeTucsonHomes.com

Dale Hulvey

Dale is a Tucson Native and calls Tucson, “My Town”. Dale has successfully created multiple companies which are all in business today! Learn more by picking up a copy of  “Coffee News” at your favorite diner. Dale’s favorite things to do is sharing his knowledge with others and traveling anywhere by ground, air, and cruise ship. Dale has no love for ice or snow and stays in warm or hot. LOL, weather at all times! Welcome to “My Town”.