Tucson Trolley Tours

Tucson Arizona, aka the Old Pueblo, is fondly referred to by many locals as a big small town.  With over 1 million people and over 226 square miles of land, Tucson is a fairly large city. The small town vibe comes from the friendly, people who call Tucson home.

The Spanish name Tucson is derived from the O’odham meaning ” at the base of the black hill”, referring to Sentinel Peak.  You can see Sentinel Peak from most areas of the city if you look to the West.  You should see the white “A” on the mountain.

The Mercado District, where you will board the Tucson Trolley Tour, is just a few blocks away from the base of “A” Mountain aka Sentinel Peak.  It is one of the longest, continually inhabited areas in the United States.  A village site dating back to 2100 BC has been found near the Santa Cruz River which runs next to the Mercado District.