Trolley Trivia

Trivia Questions and Fun Facts about Tucson and Arizona!

Q: What is the largest non-motorized parade in the world?
A: The Tucson Rodeo Parade
Q: What city is the sunniest city in the United States?
A: Tucson Arizona
Q: This Famous actress, known as tucsonans dream of Genie, was born in Tucson in 1931
A: Barbara Eden
Q: Tucson is home to more bird species than any other region on earth besides…
A: The Amazon Rainforest
Q: Due to the prevalence of large signage, a 1970 article in Life Magazine referred to this tucson street as the ugliest street in America.
A: Speedway Blvd
Q: In the 1890’s, long before it was common practice to do so, the University of Arizona allowed female students to study what?
A: Medicine
Q: This famous singer is said to own several acres of land near Marana AZ
A: Justin Beiber
Q: What year was the first street in Tucson Paved
A: 1910
Q: Where are the largest telescope mirrors in the world located?
A: Underneath the Arizona Wildcats Stadium
Q: Tucson has the largest ________ show in the United States
A: Gem and Mineral
Q: El Charro Cafe founder Tia Monica Flin accidentally created the ______ during the 90-plus year tenure of the restaurant
A: Chimichanga
Q: Tucson is the northernmost point on earth where you can find this animal.
A: Jaguar
Q: How many species of rattlesnake does Arizona have?
A: 11
Q: What is the official state bird of Arizona?
A: The Cactus Wren
Q: What Arizona city was the London Bridge moved to in 1968?
A: Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Q: What date did Arizona officially become a state?
A: February 14, 1912
Q: Arizona was the ____ State in the United States
A: 48th
Q:Which desert is the hottest and most biodiverse in North America?
A: The Sonoran Desert
Q: Which forest has been used to train astronauts for Mars?
A: The Petrified Forest
Q: This cactus is the largest American Cactus
A: Saguaro
Q: This Arizona city was once the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco
A: Bisbee
Q: What is the official state gemstone of Arizona?
A: Turquoise
Q: This lake is the 2nd largest man made reservoir in the United States
A: Lake Powell
Q: This plant, commonly found in Arizona, is used to make Tequila.
A: Agave
Q: What do the stripes on the Arizona State flag represent?
A: The 13 Colonies
Q: Approximately how many golf courses does Arizona have?
A: 300
Q: What is the name of the oldest inhabited settlement in the United States?
A: Oriabi (a Hopi Village)
Q: Arizona leads the United States in the production of ______
A: Copper
Q: This animal used to transport goods across Arizona
A: Camels
Q: Approximately how many inches does a Saguaro cactus grow each year?
A: 1 inch
Q: What year was the Southern Pacific Railroad connected from the eastern states to Arizona?
A: 1926
Q: How many ‘ghost’ towns are there in Arizona?
A: 14
Q: How many Native American tribes is Arizona home to?
A: 14
Q: This planet was discovered at the Lowell Observatory in 1933
A: Pluto
Q: What is the official state flower of Arizona?
A: The saguaro cactus blossom
Q: What famous United States road runs through Arizona?
A: Route 66
Q: What is the highest point in Arizona?
A: Mt. Humphreys